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British-Indian couple face extradition for smuggling Indian medicines to US

 (News Agency)-A British-Indian couple faced charges in a London court on Tuesday for allegedly smuggling unapproved medical drugs from India to the US. They are fighting the US government's bid to get them extradited.
Kiranjit Ghuman, 45, and Sukhijit Singh Ghuman, 46, who lives on a 23-acre estate in Nottinghamshire, England, were taken into custody last year based on a US extradition request.Appearing at Westminster magistrates' court, the couple confirmed their identities and birthdates.Their extradition hearing is scheduled for three days starting September 16.
As part of their bail conditions, the couple must remain at home from midnight to 6 am. Their passports, US green cards, and Kiranjit's Indian ID card have been confiscated by police.
Additionally, Sukhijit must surrender any Dubai identity card. They are required to report to the police station every Wednesday, stay at home overnight, and refrain from applying for travel documents or leaving the country.
Each has submitted £150,000 as security deposit.
The US aims to get them extradited to face accusations of smuggling medical drugs into the country, distributing unapproved drugs across various states, and involvement in health care fraud, wire fraud, and unlawful distribution of medical drugs.The allegations suggest they orchestrated the smuggling of medical drugs from India to the US for cancer and rheumatology patients treated at medical clinics owned by Sukhijit, who is the chairman and CEO of Octavian, in California and Arizona.
Sukhijit, a British Sikh, returned to the UK from the US in 2023.
The couple have denied the charges and are contesting the extradition bid.
During the court proceedings, Peter Caldwell, representing the US, mentioned the complexity of the fraud related to medical products and medicines crossing US borders.
"This is a rather involved fraud concerning the supply of medical products and medicines across US borders. So there is some evidence to be served relating to prison conditions in California and medical evidence," said Caldwell.
The next hearing is scheduled for July 30, as directed by district judge Briony Clarke.