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Sikh taxi driver in Australia returns AUD 8,000 left behind by passenger

(Sai Bureau)- Charanjit Singh Atwal, a Sikh taxi driver in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, has emerged as the living epitome of a modern-day Good Samaritan this festive Christmas season. Atwal returned a staggering 8,000 Australian dollars (over Rs 4.55 lakh) to a passenger who had inadvertently left behind cash in the backseat of his taxi.
He told 9 News Melbourne that the cash was everywhere in the backseat and instead of pocketing the money for himself, he took it to the police. When asked if it crossed his mind to keep the cash, he replied, "No, never."Charanjit Singh also added that he did not need a reward from the owner.His story went viral on the internet with people expressing their admiration for his benevolence. "It's positive stories like this that will encourage others to do good as well," commented a user.
People commented on his honesty and blessed him for his good deed. "May he be blessed abundantly," wrote another user.