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'Stay at Home’ Brings another rife to fight

  COVID19 lockdown has took the another turn, due to lockdown DOMESTIC ABUSE has become an additional subject to think about. Since the lockdown has started; there is increase in domestic abuse complaints. The lockdown has turned into a fence in with the abusers for women and children. "Staying at home is a main part of the tactic to put a stop to corona virus from scattering and accumulate lives, but for some people lockdown isn't safe. Things have become quite hard for children and women. With limitations in society, it is difficult for the victims to ask for help to run away from their abusers. The victims are mostly women and children, who are now caged with their abusers. Insistent act is needed to save victims from harm and avoid crimes to be committed by culprits. It's really difficult to abandon victims in the middle of lockdown because this kind of demeanor of people privately, it was unexpected so there is no arrangemement of places to live. "All women who need to escape during lockdown and beyond must be assured of a safe place to stay. Basic reason or Domestic reason could be the fear of the epidemic, which has led many people to drop their jobs and short of alcohol is all toting up to the aggravation of these offensive men. Reports say that from March 24 till April 1 , 257 complaints related to various offenses against women were received out of the 69 complaints are related to domestic violence. As we know the pandemic of covid19 has produced a unease among the people all over the world, on the other hand, it has also shaken the markets around the world. Corona virus has affected our economical, social life but also personal life. Because of this Corona virus, divorce cases have also increased among the people, couple says that they spent the last two months together during isolation. During these two months, their relationship has reached to divorce. Even just because of curfew marriages are put to test like never before as 30percent of couples have filed a divorce case as they are fed up and unable to cope up with each other. To resolve the domestic matters governments of different nations are trying to handle this situation differently. For instance: India has provided helpline numbers where private fuss related to women and children will be listen and resolve. On the other hand, France, French gender equality minister will be helping sufferers of domestic brutality during lockdown. Moreover in some countries NGOS are tackling this problem by giving counseling sessions through video calls and phone calls. But in nation like Spain domestic level has gone to next level because three women are murdered due to domestic abuse in lockdown. Well this pandemic has changed the lives of people completely. This pandemic is not so easy so everyone has to be strong head to fight it and cope with it by co operating with governments of their nations. Sukhmani



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