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White House confusion over Donald Trump's claim he will 'suspend immigration' by executive order

  (News Agencies) The White House struggled to explain President Donald Trump's decision to ban immigrants from entering the United States Tuesday morning as Democrats called it 'xenophobic' and claimed it was more presidential scapegoating on the coronavirus. Additionally, lawmakers pointed out that immigration has essentially stopped as all visa processing by the State Department has come to a halt during the pandemic and accused the president of using a global health crisis to double down on his hard-line immigration policies. 'From the beginning Trump has flailed about seeking someone to blame for his own failure,' wrote Democratic Congressman Don Beyer of Virginia on Twitter. 'Immigration has nearly stopped and the US has far more cases than any other country. This is just xenophobic scapegoating.' Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York called the president: 'Xenophobe. In. Chief.'It would exempt farm workers, healthcare professionals, holders of H-1B visas who can claim they are not taking an American job, refugee and asylum seekers and 'any alien whose entry would be in the national interest.' In the draft order, Trump says he's protecting the 'marginal worker.' 'I have determined that we cannot jump start the domestic economy if Americans are forced to compete against an artificially enlarged labor pool caused by the introduction of foreign workers,' Trump said. 'I have determined that the entry of most aliens as permanent or temporary workers in the immediate term would have adverse impacts on the national interest.'



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