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Global political scenario of late

  The focus of the world is now on Europe, where the unruly situation has consequences in every sector, starting from geopolitical to socioeconomic

The global political scenario is standing at a tumultuous time right now. The world is reeling from back-to-back effects of the Covid pandemic, followed by the highly volatile European war scenario. In a post-cold-war world, such a charged situation in almost every continent, is quite unprecedented. The focus of the world is now on Europe, where the unruly situation has consequences in every sector, starting from geopolitical to socioeconomic. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has rattled the whole world. While most democratic countries in the world are supporting Ukraine in the present scenario, it is not enough to stop the Russian aggression without an active intervention. The nations like France, Germany and the United Kingdom are doing a commendable job where they are trying to find a solution to the war situation, even though the Russian atrocities continue in Ukraine, where they are bombing and moving towards the nation’s capital, Kiev. Across the pond, the USA is trying their level best to diffuse the Ukraine situation with all the available arsenal. The USA President, Joe Biden, is in constant touch with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. Besides that, the USA has started placing economic sanctions in place of against Russia. This step is replicated by the USA allies too, as they are not engaging with military might, but attacking the economy instead. The USA, like a world leader is showing a path, while they also continue to supply Ukraine with much-needed ammunition. In the southern part, however, the situation is not so bright. Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro visited Russia at this time to show solidarity and this move was sternly rebuked by the White House. There are several Russia sympathizers on the Asian subcontinent too, with superpowers like China and the eccentric North Korea rallying in support of Russia.

Pakistan, China’s closest ally has also been vocal in the support of Russia, as the Pakistan PM, Imran Khan, who went for a two-day Russia visit during the war time, expressed that it was an exciting time to be in Russia. While his statement shows clear solidarity with Russia, in his administration, his country has gone to the dogs. With an increased militant action that is often supported by the top brass, basic human needs and progress in Pakistan is mostly ignored, as the country drowned in Chinese debt trap. A more dreadful decline is seen in neighbouring country Afghanistan, where the democratic government is uprooted as the result of a civil war. Years of progress and social equality has gone down the drain, with the Taliban insurgency. Civil rights and freedom of speech is a joke now in a progressive country, which is now on the brink of being a Neo-ISIS state. For the first time ever, the effect of global politics has reached space too, on a large scale. In response to the economic sanctions imposed on them, Russia has decided to stop supplying rocket engines to the USA. Russia is also considering revoking their support from the International Space Station, which is a global collaboration, with Russia and the USA as major partners. The Russian space agency, Roscosmos and its chief has taken a stance on Twitter, which is the cause enough to worry. Russia supplies the propulsion system as well, which helps the ISS to stay afloat. Without their help, it may destabilize the operations of the space module. As ISS is on its last legs of operation, it is to be seen if SpaceX can join as a private partner, even though that would not be much beneficial for either party. Undoubtedly we are going through the trying times. We can only hope that best will prevail eventually, and the war efforts will come to an end. Under the leadership of the global powerhouses, a solution must come soon, else only the world will be inferior for it.



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