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Indo-Russia bond strengthens with S-400 deal, despite USA Sanction threats

  The Indo-Russia bilateral relationship took a better turn with the recent S-400 defense deal. Even with an approaching threat of a major sanction from the USA, India went forward with the defense cooperation pact. It will offer a manifold boost to India’s protective measures against the China-Pakistan aggression across its northern and north-western sectors.As a fitting conclusion to the India tour of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, 28 deals were signed across the different sectors.

The defense deals between the two countries may result in US dissatisfaction. Among all the new pacts and treaties, the most highlighted is the S-400 defense system deal. The S-400 system can be a massive boost to any country's defense system. In 2018, India has purchased five of these and the final product delivery, supposed to begin by 2021 and the first of them will be operational in 2022.Compared to the analogous competitor systems, the S 400 system is far more superior. It is somewhat like the Iron Dome in Israel. It is superior to the American MIM-104 Patriot system as well. The S-400 needs less time to activate, covers more area at higher speed and at a lower price range. Several countries like Algeria, Turkey, even China has the defense system in their possession now. China deployed the S-400 system across the LOC line in their recent battle against India. To counter the China-Pakistan aerial aggression, a series of S-400 systems of their own was a high need for India. Conversely, this deal may create inconveniences in another sector for India. Both the USA and Russia are among the biggest arms suppliers in India. This deal over the American system will cost dearly for the USA equivalents. The Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), which may stir up trouble.

It has a goal of weakening traditional American adversaries like North Korea, Russia, Iran and so on. The USA president can put up to 12 sanctions to any nation making arms deal with these nations. When it comes to their relationship with the USA, India took a calculated risk. The USA has been an active alley in various Indian quagmires in the recent decades. However, the Indo Russia relationship that goes back to years after Indian independence, took a hit in the recent years. While India took a clear anti-Taliban stance, Russia took a softer and pro–negotiation approach. The renewed relationship by the signed deals can help mend the broken bridge between the two countries.The USA, on the other hand, is taking measured steps when it comes to India. While Russia is one of the countries they remain wary of, their primary country of concern now is China. India is a major partner in the USA’s global strategic movement against China on several fronts. The S-400 system is to be used primarily against China as well.Besides the $5.4 Billion US dollars defense system deal between Russia and India, there are other multimillion dollar weapons deals too.

India can hope to gain a strategic partner in Russia without annoying the USA much. Even though there is precedence of sanctions against Turkey for the same allegation, it is less likely to be repeated. At the same time, Russia will look forward to India for partnership when they are being withdrawn for the aggression against Ukraine.



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