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What the Chinese Army is Buying ?

  (SAI Bureau)- Last week, the U.S. Department of Defense released its annual report on Chinese military power, mentioning "artificial intelligence" 20 separate times. The report echoed longstanding concerns that the Chinese People's Liberation Army is investing heavily in "intelligentized warfare" - a strategy based on making weapons systems and military operations more networked and autonomous - and that artificial intelligence may be "changing the future of warfare faster than expected."

The so-called arms race for AI has come to define debates about the competition between the United States and China. The idea that the two nations are racing to dominate in AI - and, in particular, that China is surging ahead in this race - has garnered high-profile supporters as well as skeptics. But while much discussion, including the DoD report, has focused on China's longer-term grand plans to become an AI superpower, it has been less clear what the country is doing in the short



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