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“Everyone Can Cook: Everyone Can Make Music”

  (By Max Thind)
Just like a generation of chefs may have been inspired by media & icons like Ratatouille or Gordon Ramsay. A new generation of music producers should be inspired. Not by any particular media around us, but the ready ability to craft our own melodies. I often hear people say “I can’t make music” or “It’s not for me”, when I see them loving their particular styles of music in what they’re listening to. Music is inherently part of human life & culture. We’ve been humming, whistling & strummings our way straight through our dooms.
Everyone or anyone that’s willing to have some fun should harness that in some way, shape or form. Start by downloading some type of DAW (Digital Audio Workshop), or grab an instrument and start strummin’ some chords. I’d recommend the former, with the access to a laptop or PC, a DAW has a wide-array of digital buttons, knobs & dials to have some serious fun. An instrument is a beautiful way to express yourself, but it should be taken more seriously. The expenses & maintenance alone can be a bit staggering. But you could always just take a leap of faith & start singing! Whichever path you choose, remember that what matters is your music should sound good to YOU. There is a beauty in the waves created by us, heard to us as sounds, rhymes & rhythms. If you’ve been debating creating your own tunes, then you have to start listening to you. Start by dissecting the tunes that make you groove. Then dive headfirst into expressing what’s truly your own, moves.
Seriously, start creating your music. The ability to create my own melodies & listen to something that I haven’t shared with anyone, creates an atmosphere where I know how important listening to oneself is. You could express your emotions through your music, to yourself. If you want to be a little selfish & keep some for yourself, that’s perfectly fine. But sharing tunes with like-minded listeners is easier than ever. With access to the internet, the world is your stadium & only people that truly love what you do will appreciate your work & dedication to your expression.
By the way you can sing paragraphs 1 & 3 in your head, or all of them, or none of them. You do you.



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