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Physical or Digital Books?

  It’s always a tough decision whether to grab a physical copy, a digital copy or both of our favorite pieces of literature. This could likely be broken down into wealth groups as well, with richer families owning a library’s collection worth of books & writings. Not everyone’s the same with this & I’ll throw in my two cents on the topic. If you’re reading it for the first time, consider first going for the sample digital copy, if you love it, buy the physical copy. Still need more convincing on if it’s a good read or not? Consider the digital copy. There’s a lot of factors that can go into this, size restrictions being one. Not everyone has the luxury of unlimited storage space for literature. If this is your problem, then you’re probably only keeping a few hard copies of personal favorites, while the larger part of your collection is digital. This is a solid way to keep on top of your reading. The more economical route will be digital, as you could also listen to audiobooks, podcasts, while having a large amount of storage for hundreds of books. All with the convenience of one device. If you plan on holding a very large collection, you might want to consider multiple devices, larger digital storage methods. Or you can create your own private library. There’s many options you could take to have the most productive learning environment. Everyone doesn’t have the same needs & what may work for some may not work for others. Consider having a personal book club with friends, or brainstorming sessions if that’s your thing. The world is the book & we are the readers, so... The method isn’t as important as the resources obtained by reading & analyzing the material you intend on learning. As with most things, this isn’t definitive & is merely a suggestion or guidance for your own path to individual enlightenment. Do consider donating books you don’t read for others to enjoy. Not only do you provide everyone with a great service, you provide the best thing of all, help towards enlightenment. Added benefit is you can make room for new books of your own!



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