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“The Debt Ceiling, Default & Why It Doesn't Matter”

   It’s all in the title, the United States legislatures & media create an uproar every, single, year about why we have to increase our paper credit limit. When modern society knows that with the help of institutional & individual custodians, a forward thinking economy will be formed around a handful of decentralized currencies, traded amongst themselves & for all of our goods & paper bills. The true reason for this telenovela depicted every year lies behind the attitude of the US. The government tells Americans every year that they’re bailing everyone out, they just don’t tell us at whose expense, so you take a guess who’s really footing the bill.
We get the great ability to see politicians duke it out on WWE...oops, wrong network. We get to see democracy at play every single day without having to travel across hills in historic Athens. Sometimes it’s dramatized, but that’s fine. What matters is the underlying IP, systems, frameworks & networks the US companies have in their arsenals. Some parts (not all) of our government may seem to dive headfirst into green eggs & ham a bit too much, but our companies are solid. We’re the leader in innovation, the creator of inspiration. The world is big, & there’s a lot more than just Americans, they’re also human & we all should be equally ready for the upcoming economic/technologic/environmental events. The point I’m trying to make is that the best talent heads to the US, not for the country, but for the ideals of innovation & inspiration.
The best thing that can happen for the entire world, is if education became truly free. A university willing to close its doors to a willing student should have their doors opened or torn off. The access to true higher education, without staggering debt would be the catalyst the modern world desperately needs for a new generation of hard thinkers. This is already done online, where you can become a learned disciple with no single professor. But with a world of knowledge seekers & givers, given a free public platform can discuss how we can focus on making all of our lives more fulfilling, long-lasting & eventful.
Would this spell the doom of a very lucrative business? Very much so, but the applications provided by allowing people to apply themselves would outweigh any cheap buck made at the expense of someone attaining knowledge to better themselves & the world. There will always be a private enterprise claiming to be prestigious & they will be rewarded the fortunes they seek. The knowledge provided isn’t useful without access & strive to actively apply it, free labs, industry-environments, theoretical studies & innovative atmospheres should be readily available for all, without judgment nor persecution for unearthing the unknown.
See what I did there? We moved on from the topic that didn’t matter onto something that does.



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