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“Will We See A Final World War?”

  We’ve got two blockbuster performances from some of the world’s heavyweight champions from the past. Are we about to see the third and final installation in this thrilling series? It’s hardly thrilling, & I may make it sound like a movie series, but we all know deep down the horrible experiences that arise from the atrocities of war. It’s hardly known to many of us, but we live in a beautiful time where the truly impactful conversations we have can be transmitted globally within seconds. Why not use this enormous power to defuse & deescalate rising tensions? Of course we could drone on and on about the industrial complex that surrounds modern militaries, but that won’t do us any good, they’re here to stay.
They say that true power is the ability to sway millions of people to your cause. But if we, as conscientious, thought-driven humans decide as a collective to ignore the current powers at play, to shun the idea of war entirely, we may have a shot at global peace. Where will the political powers conscript mass populations if those groups ignored the call-to-arms entirely? Will a group of soldiers attempt to arrest someone for draft-dodging if they’re faced with hundreds of local opponents? There’s a lot of problems with this argument, the biggest one being rogue states. A dictator may not be moved by the cries of millions of their suppressed populations, but we’ve always had covert ways of dealing with dictators.
So the extra questions start popping up, how do we destabilize rogue states to usher in the new era of peace? How can we make the whole world happy & peaceful? We can’t & wouldn’t. A lot of industries & expensive groups decide a majority of the world’s puppetry, usually through people’s misery & pursuit of self-fulfillment. We all know that & we can’t really do much about it. But what we can do, is make the world a better place to live in for everyone, one step at a time. Be kind to strangers, be open to new experiences, be vocal about the things that matter to you. There aren't a lot of proven ways to overcome tyranny, but we do have a tried & true method. It’s called revolution, & there are a handful of countries that would greatly benefit from this, China & North Korea being the strongest candidates.



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