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The New Social Media Revolution: Around the Corner

  Hello! Thank you for
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read my article, it means a lot to me. For those that don’t know me, my name is Max Thind. I’m a proud co-founder of Greystone Games, a music hobbyist & an apparent “visionary” (Not my words, The Wall Street Journal’s).
A year ago, I was telling my team about an idea I’ve been considering in my head for quite some time. Only planning for it because this idea was so large in proportions that there didn’t seem to be an end in scope for the project. I started working on my own prototype & graphics that I could put together to sell this idea to a VC that would be willing to take the leap with us. I’m still in the middle of all of this structuring, & then I watched an interview of the Winklevoss twins mentioning a “metaverse”, then I heard about Facebook making one, then Nvidia.
Needless to say, I was furious. But after getting over my initial emotions, I had to ask myself, “Why did you think of this concept in the first place?”. The answer is simple, I was looking for the next big thing we could work on & be the best at. It was a simple idea to have & most tech giants would have the same idea in mind if they asked themselves the same question I had asked myself, which they did. So, I wasn’t the first to have this idea, big whoop, story of humanity at large. But I know that if we keep working on our version of this. We will have a unique, fun world for our players to enjoy & explore. As someone in the game industry, I know at the heart of the new metaverse concept everyone will be working on, it’s a video game. It may have applications attached to it & social media utility available in the front. But all-in-all the core concept of the metaverse is a video game, with thousands of 3rd-party, seamless integrations.
So, that means we have an edge over our competitors, being in our home territory. Is it much of an edge? No, not really, considering the vast differences in manpower we have versus our nearest metaverse competitors Facebook & NVIDIA. We may not beat them to market, but being the underdogs, we have to give it our all so we can beat them to customer’s hearts & minds. The applications of this new world will, almost literally, be infinite. The world as we know it today is so interconnected that many of us have donned online personas, or created entire online friend groups. People we have never met, but we play games & watch movies with them every day. Now, you won’t have to meet them in-person, unless you want to.
In a Long-Distance Relationship & hate how you can’t go on dates together? Great, now you can walk anywhere together, while holding hands & simultaneously skydiving off every building in sight. Welcome to video games. Want to go dive-bar hopping with your online friends? Great, you can bar-hop around the world, or, other worlds, take your friends across the universe simply to get your virtual avatars hammered, while also fighting space-dragons. I really could go on forever about the limitless applications this new world of worlds will have for the interconnected community. But I’ll leave it at those two silly examples. But anyways, we’re Greystone Games & we’re building the omniverse, get ready.
(By Max Thind)



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