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Hypervigilance: Why Does Disaster Always Feel Like It's Around the Corner?

  In a hyperconnected future, society lives under constant surveillance by their peers, their state & their corporate interests. You might have already guessed that the future I’m referring to is our current present day. We hear of conflicts around the world before they’re over, new threats arising every day & a growing precedent that our future will be at risk. It’s very tough to drown out the issues, & many of them need to be addressed. How does one cope with this? How can we not let anxiety & fear of the future cripple our present? Part of it is to ignore the issues, bury your head in the sand. There’s nothing wrong with that, many issues today are larger than anything one person can control. Another part is to take action, if there are issues you know you can have a lasting impact upon. Then the best thing to do is be the change you want to see in the world. Do not waver, your impact will always be noticed, at the very least, by yourself. Is the issue larger than you? Great, create a group or join an existing one, or multiple groups & see your change. There are always troubles & issues plaguing our minds, & there isn’t enough time in our lives to settle all of our resolutions. The concept of a constantly growing society paired with an insatiable capital market system is not sustainable on Earth, not with our current technology at least. The conceptualization & execution of new, innovative ideas, products, technologies & systems should be of the highest regard, along with human ethics. It is necessary for our growing future to solve issues that have been plaguing our species for generations. Can we sustain life on other planets co-independently? How can we stop the current mass extinction event? What are solutions to solve climate issues on all levels? What new technologies would help alleviate human suffering? What is true happiness? No one person will have all the answers, but collectively humans can rule the worlds peacefully.



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