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USA in the fear of endangering the recovery from drought

  Scientists have been tracing an unambiguous footprint of human-caused climate change in the US. The adverse weather conditions have led the west of America to an unprecedented drought situation. The region has been drying up leaving the farmers running out of business and the farmlands going fallow. The fishermen even have to watch the parched rivers helplessly as the fishes are dying in droves or failing to spawn in shallow water.

Due to the historic drought, the lives of the people of the community are falling apart as the consequences have been cruel. They have been snatched away from their daily sustenance as the diverse basin has been barren that was once filled with flat vistas of sprawling alfalfa and potato fields. The inhabitants are even going bankrupt as their farming or fishing businesses are tearing apart.

Klamath is one of those places that has fallen mostly under devastation. It extends across the border between California and Oregon where the watershed straddles 12000sq miles. The Upper Klamath Lake fed the agricultural lands and the tribal communities living around the Klamath River. These people depended on irrigation from traditional sources. However, from the depleted or federally managed lakes, they haven’t been getting any water at all.

The suckerfish from the Klamath River used to be a major source of food for the Native Americans. As the fish population plunged even the migratory birds have been deprived of the salmon. This region is failing to provide wildlife retreats like before as the water shortfall has been proving deadly for these migratory birds. The sucker-fishes have been dying uncontrollably as they are either exposed to their predators or the low-oxygen content in water as the levels have dipped below.

Those living in this unmatched hardship in this region have been worried about the Klamath Basin’s present situation. For them, the drought is a forerunner while global warming accelerates. The ecosystem is further endangered. A federal judge even denied extending further help to the Klamath tribe as per him “the agency is not responsible for the drought”.

The people feel marginalized in their own homeland after hearing such a decision from the government. Only 10% of the salmon fish remains which was important to the other tribe’s sustenance and culture. Hence these inhabitants can neither eat nor share. According to the vice-chairman of the Yurok tribe the salmon was allocated to less than 1 fish per person. This significantly gave a huge blow to the income of the tribe as it came down to $11,000 annually.

The vice president further said that the salmon was central to their way of life. Perhaps the protein that they consume from the harvest of salmon benefits their mental, physical and spiritual health as well. Life without salmon is non-existent to them.

The water crisis has been proving fatal to the migratory birds who took refuge in the Lower Klamath and Tule Lake. The drought came with several deadly consequences as mentioned. Another such consequence includes bacteria which produces avian botulism and grows in the warm, stagnant water in the marshes. According to an estimate, it killed 60,0000 ducks and shorebirds.

The environmental torture has been striking us back in several ways. Flood, drought, ice-melting, earthquakes and more such natural calamities along with the new looming coronavirus that the world has been fighting for 2 years now. The USA had just begun to enjoy their normal lives as restrictions had eased. At this time, the challenge of the coronavirus is too much to handle for the Government. With limited resources, public health and normal living again fell vulnerable to environmental conditions like extreme heat-wave and drought.

With the flora and fauna behaving in a manner consistent with the environmental crisis at this rate, the world is expected to experience such devastations every 5 years now. Unless a sustainable development plan is executed in these areas, more such calamities may follow suit and we have to be prepared for that.




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