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Kangana Ranaut trolls Diljit Dosanjh on new Rihanna song. He has a classy reply

  Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh got into another Twitter spat today when the Punjabi singer released his new song RiRi, which is dedicated to American pop singer Rihanna. Earlier, Kangana had called Rihanna a 'fool' and a 'dummy' after the pop star tweeted in favour of farmers' protest. The Queen actress today accused Diljit of cashing in on the situation and asked how long he had been planning this for. But Diljit has a classy response.
Retweeting Diljit Dosanjh's tweet in which he announced his new song RiRi dedicated to Rihanna, Kangana wrote, "Isko bhi apne 2 rupees banane hain, yeh sab kabse plan ho raha hai ? One month toh minimum lagega to prep for video and announcement, and libru want us to believe it’s all organic ha ha #Indiatogether #IndiaAgainst Propoganda (He also wants to make some money. Since when were you planning this? It would have taken at least one month to prep for the video and the announcement) (sic)."
Diljit Dosanjh is not someone who will let Kangana Ranaut go after making such allegations without giving her a befitting reply. He wrote back saying, "2 Rupees. Apne Wali Job Mainu Na Das.. Gana Tan half An Hour Ch Bana Lene An Asi.. Tere te Banaun Nu Jee Ni Karda Mint tan 2 Hee Lagne an.. HAR JAGHA TU BOLNA HUNDA.. Ja Yaar Bore Na Kar .. Kam Kar Apna.. ( 2 Rupees. Don't tell me about your job. I can make a song in just half hour. I just don't feel like making a song on you.2 minute for it. You have to speak everywhere. Please go away and don't bore me) (sic)."
Diljit's reply resulted in a Twitter fight between the two actors. Both of them were ready with their replies as soon as one tweeted in response to the other. Kangana then wrote, "Mera ek he kaam jai Desh Bhakti... wahi karti hoon sara din.. main toh wahi karungi lekin tera kaam tujhe nahin karne dungi Khalistani... (I have only one job of being patriotic to the nation. I do the same the entire day. I will do that but won't let you do your work Khalistani) (sic)."

After being called a Khalistani, Diljit replied, "Ley Koi Tukk Banndi aa Teri... Na Koi Ser Na Pair.. Rab Ni Banida Hunda.. Main Nahi Karne Dungi. Tu Kon an Yaar... Dhakke Naal Hee aa Vadh Di an.. Ja Yaar .. Teri Koi Gal Ni Kar RIHA .. (Your words don't make any sense. Don't act like God saying you won't let me do. Who are you? You need a push to move forward. Go away. No one is talking about you) (sic)."
Kangana then wrote, "Teri Canada gang kuch bhi kar payegi ... Khalistan sirf tum logon ke dimaag ka jo empty space hai uska naam rahega, hum iss desh ke tukde nahin hone denge, karlo jitne chahe dangge aur strikes #IndiaTogether #IndiaAgainst Propaganda (Your Canada gang won't be able to do anything. Khalistan will only be there inside your empty brains. We won't let our country get divided into pieces. No matter how many riots or strikes you organise) (sic)."



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