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It was the scariest time of my life
Holly Hagan reveals she was sexually assaulted, fat-shamed and had food thrown at her by strangers after finding fame on Geordie Shore

  (News Agencies) Holly Hagan has spoken candidly about the dark side of fame after becoming a household name on Geordie Shore.
The reality star was just 18 years old when she made her debut on the MTV party show in 2011, and admitted she wasn't prepared for the fierce backlash she would receive.
Speaking candidly on BBC Radio 1’s The Reality Tea Podcast with Raj and Pilar, Holly, now 27, revealed that among many horrific experiences, she was subjected to assault from fans who would grope her in nightclubs. Recalling her experience of doing nightclub appearances, Holly explained: 'Being in the clubs again opened me up to a lot of trolling in person and a lot of kind of sexual harassment. 'I would go to club appearances and people would think because I've been this person on TV that they had the god given right to just turn around and grab my boob or try and put their hand up my skirt.
'It was honestly probably one of the most scariest times of my life.'The reality star added that she began to fear wearing anything other than jeans and long tops to the appearances as it would 'put her at risk', and recalled having to press herself up against walls so that no one would try and grope her from behind. As well as physical abuse, Holly was also subjected to cruel taunts that left her suffering from panic attacks.
She admitted that she would go out running her daily errands and members of the public would scream she was a 'fat sl*g', or she would overhear people discussing her.
As Holly began to retreat into herself and struggle with crippling anxiety, she couldn't even turn to her friends for support, as they too began to get targeted by association.
Holly recalled: 'My friends have had food thrown in their faces on nights out because they're with me... And that's why I just stopped going out, I stopped going anywhere.'
Reflecting on the experiences she and her co-stars had, she added: 'Me and Sophie [Kasaei] for example, were getting a lot of stick because we weren't seen as the pretty ones. 'We weren't seen as the skinny ones and we were having much more of a hard time then say Charlotte [Crosby] or Vicky [Pattison] were because they were size eight and pretty.'The consistent abuse also lead Holly on a dangerous path of trying to achieve 'perfection' through multiple cosmetic procedures.



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