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Alaskan teens charged with murder after phony multimillionaire offers $9M for proof of slaying

  Three weeks before the killing took place, Schilmiller and Brehmer began discussing a plan to rape and murder someone in Alaska, prosecutors say.
According to court documents, "Schilmiller offered Brehmer nine or more million dollars to carry out the murder and to have photographs and/or videos of the murder sent to him," an offer Brehmer allegedly agreed to.Brehmer allegedly then recruited her co-defendants to help carry out the plan and the group reportedly met to discuss how they would divide their earnings.Hoffman was allegedly best friends with Brehmer, and she was chosen by the group as the victim, the documents say. Brehmer and McIntosh used Leyland's pickup on June 2 to take Hoffman on a hike at Thunderbird Falls, a popular location about 20 miles north of Anchorage, according to authorities.
According to court papers, at some point, the group went off trail and followed a path to the bank of the Eklutna River, where Hoffman was bound, shot and thrown into the water. Officials said there was no indication Hoffman was sexually assaulted.
McIntosh, who is being tried as an adult in the case, was the gunman, prosecutors say.
Schilmiller, who was arrested in Indiana and is awaiting extradition to Alaska, admitted to authorities that Brehmer communicated with him during the murder, sending him Snapchat photographs and videos of the killing -- apparently including images of Hoffman bound, court documents revealed.
He also told officials that, after the murder, he and Brehmer discussed another murder but nothing ever came of it. Schilmiller did admit to blackmailing Brehmer into raping people.




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