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Use high-tech to stay hydrated this summer season
Make a water schedule this summer. Now you can with the smart tools available

  It's that time of the year when temperatures soar high and your body tends to lose a lot of water due to excessive sweating. These nifty tools and utilities remind you to stay hydrated all the time and keep a check on your water intake.
If you use a Fitbit (or some other fitness tracker), logging your water intake is quite seamless - so you know how much you've had and how much you still need to drink, based on a customizable target that you can set. While you can do this via the Fitbit app on your phone, on some top-of-the-line models, you can log water on the smartwatch itself.
If you are an Apple Watch user, you can use an app like WaterMinder to quickly log your water intake. There's also the Hydro Coach app that syncs with both Fitbit and Google Fit.
Of course, you'd not buy a smartwatch specially to keep a check on your water intake but if you already use one, this is a handy feature. These apps work similarly with iPhones or Android smartphones in isolation and remind you to stay hydrated and allow you to track your progress.
Manually logging your water intake each time you take a sip can be a little overwhelming, and that's where the new-age smart water bottles come handy.
There are bottles like HydraCoach that keep a tab on how much water you've been drinking, or you could go a step up and get one like the Bluetooth-enabled Hidrate Spark that glows to remind you to drink water and comes with a companion mobile app to monitor your hydration goals.Bonus Tip: If you think you don't need all the tracking, you can keep it simple and use Google Assistant or Siri on your smartphone to set up a reminder for drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day.



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