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How to be active in Summer Season?

  (News Agencies) When the weather changes, many troubles arise for our health. Humans have always been able to adapt themselves to the weather and win the bad influences of the weather.Whenever there is a problem with eating and drinking, there are many problems in health. In summer, we should mainly eat cold products. Even if many cold things invite coughs. This damages the lungs and throat, so we must eat common cold items, it is okay to not eat cold foods.
Things like cold things should be used less during childhood. In the summer, pollution increases, so walking, walking, or exercising in the morning benefits the lungs. Eyes also affect the summer. This requires a lot of sleep and eyes need rest. Morning bath is of prime importance but in the summer season evening bath is also required.
There are also issues related to digestion in summer, so it is important to lighten up the food, do not eat late-baked, fried foods. Try not to drink water with food.
The salivation of the mouth only works a lot in digesting food. Therefore, do not drink water 30 minutes before feeding and after 30 minutes of drinking water.
You can get a dip or a mint for quick cooking. Health problems are also caused by soft dunk, tea, alcohol, etc. If they are accustomed, skip or reduce them.
The clothes are light and cotton, so the best. In this season, light colored cloths are good. They do not absorb the sun’s rays.



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