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After 7 deaths in 10 days, doctors warn elderly against travelling to Kedarnath

   (Agencies) - The health department has issued a warning to the elderly against travelling to Kedarnath due to poor oxygen condition in the pilgrimage site. This season, at least seven people have died in 10 days due to low oxygen in Kedarnath.
Doctors, too, have warned the elderly against visiting Kedarnath. This year, the pilgrimage site recorded a heavy snowfall. The health department said that the conditions in Kedarnath are worrisome for the citizens riddled with health issues.
This season, at least seven people died due to lack of oxygen in Kedarnath. A 65-year-old woman died on Saturday morning after a heart attack.
On Thursday, two pilgrims from Rajasthan's Jaipur succumbed to hypothermia after visiting Kedarnath shrine in two separate incidents. Both were women and over 60 years of age.
SS Negi, Uttarakhand health department, said, "This year four people have died in Kedarnath. All those who died were above the age of 60 years, indicating that weather conditions are still precarious for elders and people who are not well."



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