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Douglas MacKinnon: Liberal elites can solve the illegal immigrant problem immediately

  Dear liberal elites in Hollywood, the media, the Democrat Party, and academia:I applaud your ongoing concern for the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrantsstreaming toward, and trying to cross, our border.
Knowing there is no way you would cravenly use them as cheap political pawns to attack a president who has permanently taken up residence in your troubled minds, I offer up a solution which will end the crisis immediately.I have created a sign-up sheet for you to fill out, then pass along to the next entitled liberal to your left.
The sign-up sheet simply stipulates that you personally will take as many illegal immigrants as will fit into every square foot of your luxurious home, and then, forever more, feed them, clothe them, and pay for their educational and medical needs.
Crisis over.Now, I must admit that I cribbed part of this brilliant and foolproof plan from one of your far-left socialist dictator heroes.
That being the late, never great, murderous totalitarian thug, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.As I watch Venezuela descend into permanent darkness, chaos, and a real-life version of "The 1Purge" -- only because of the far-left and socialist policies you liberal elites believe should apply to everyone but yourselves - I was reminded of an autocratic dictate forced upon the good, hard-working, tax-paying people of Venezuela by Chavez.
He forced them to take strangers off the street - many of them criminals or drug addicts - and into their homes to care for them under the severe penalty of his law.I have no doubt that liberals such as Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Joe Kennedy and Oliver Stone - who all used to regularly sing the praises of Hugo Chavez when they were not physically giving him a hug - would be the very first to sign up for this plan and then encourage their fellow ultra-wealthy liberals with thousands of square-feet to spare, to do the same.
As one who is married to a legal immigrant - you know, those people foolish enough to actually stand in line, fill out all the paperwork asked of them by the government of the United States, and then patiently wait their turn to enter the country - I am told that this plan would also be wildly popular with the millions of immigrants who came to this country legally.Millions of legal immigrants who do, in fact, regularly vote.A reality which all self-serving politicians - especially those who abandoned their principles and the rule of law out of fear of offending someone while bottom-fishing for votes - should write down in the largest font possible and then slap up on their walls.
Legal immigrants - including millions of Hispanic-Americans - who truly do feel betrayed by those politicians who looked the other way while others broke the laws they were honored and proud to obey to become a part of the greatest nation on earth.
While liberals in Hollywood, the media, academia, and the Democrat Party work overtime to bury this truth, it is our legal immigrants who add billions of dollars to our national treasury, create companies, hire Americans, serve in our military, and have become an integral part of our success.
Now, with the liberal elites about to take ownership of the illegal immigrant problem by lovingly bringing them all into their homes, we can all step back, take a deep breath, and do the right thing.
Which is to say "Thank You" to all the legal immigrants making America great again.



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