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Prachi Tehlan: A thrilling journey from sports to Bollywood

  Prachi Tehlan: A thrilling journey from sports to Bollywood
A basketball player-turned actress,Prachi Tehlan is a unique combination of many skills.And while sports, Delhi-born Tehlan says, has been a very enriching experience for her, movies are a whole different thrill altogether.
However, both her journeys weren’t easy. Coming from a Jaat family, a career in sports was highly frowned upon. “Initially my family was completely against me playing sports,” she says.
Tehlan was captain of the Indian Netball Team, which she led in the Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi and in other major Asian Championships in 2010-11. The Indian team won its first Silver Medal in South Asian Beach Games under her captaincy in 2011. For her feats, she is fondly known as “Queen of The Court” and “Lass of The Rings,” titles given to her in the Indian media.
After a 11-year career in basketball and netball, Tehlan decided to change paths. “There were not many career opportunities for me to take up in sports. No match fees, and hardly any scholarships. It was difficult to survive on the money I made as a sportsperson. But joining the film industry was never a plan, it was just destiny. Shashi Sumeet production house reached out to me on my Facebook fan page offering me a parallel lead in the daily soap Diya Aur Baati Hum,” she says.
She made her acting debut as an actor in the famous TV series, Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus. She played the role of “Arzoo,” famously known as “Mushtandi.” The serial became an instant hit and with it Tehlan, a star.
Tehlan had a lead role as “Nimmy” in the Punjabi Film “Arjan” directed by Manduip Singh. Next came “Bailaras” in October 2017. It was directed by Kshitij Chaudhary.
She will be seen in the lead role in a Malayalam film, due to be released in April 2019 with the megastar Mamoothy. She considers working with Mamoothy a golden opportunity and a challenging task.
Tehlan is also in a lead role in “Ikyawann,” a Star Plus TV, on air since November 2017.
Tehlan graduated from University of Delhi and has an MBA in Human Relations and Marketing.
For Tehlan, getting the grip of her character is very important, she says. “I learned classical dance for one of my solo dances in the film, I memorized all my Malayalam dialogues. I also had to grow my eyebrows for a natural look since it's a period drama.”
Talking about her journey in the entertainment industry, she calls it an adventurous one. “It’s one of the most beautiful yet challenging and difficult industries to work in. It always keeps me on my toes because one does not have a permanent job here. After every project you need to start afresh. Over and above, I love travelling and meeting new people and this industry offers every kind of experience in that aspect” she quips.
While she is loving her life as an actress, sportremainsTehlan’s first love. “I would love to go back to sports but the entertainment industry is keeping me on my toes,” she says.



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