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Protecting what they love: Sustainable solutions from around the world

From Germany’s animal-only bridges to Peru’s drinking water collection nets to India’s youth-led cleanliness drive, a host of unique campaigns are inspiring communities to protect what they love and stand for.

  “One person can make a difference,” said former US President John F. Kennedy, “and everyone should try.”

Indeed, if many people come together to stand up for a cause they love and believe in, the impact is always long-lasting.

Here are some inspiring stories from around the globe, where committed individuals and communities have gotten together to protect what they love. Read on!

Lima, the capital city of Peru, is one of the driest regions of the world. Consequently, nearly one-fifth of the population there faces difficulty acquiring drinking water. A solution to this came in the form of vast nets that could trap the thick sea fog that surrounds the coastal city for more than half of the year! The project is run by a local organization called Peruvians Without Water Movement, which eventually aims to erect around 1,000 nets around the city.



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