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A look at what to expect from the Kim-Trump summit

Whatever the results, it will be one of the more unusual summits in recent history as a flamboyant, often erratic US president gets a close-up look at a hereditary socialist despot who sits on a nuclear weapons program.

  After a sudden and welcome turn to diplomacy following last year’s threats, insults and fears of war _ remember “fire and fury” and “dotard”? _ Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are ready to shake hands, sit down face-to-face and … do what exactly?

Some observers insist that it’s the beginning of the complete denuclearization of North Korea. No, no, say others, you need to manage your expectations. This is just an elaborate get-to-know-you session, albeit between the two most famous leaders in the world, and nuclear armed at that. Actually, says another group, there will indeed be disarmament, a peace treaty ending the Korean War and North Korea’s emergence as a contributing member of the international community _ but just not right now.



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