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Huma Qureshi: World waiting to watch rich bank of Indian stories
Set to visit the Cannes festival, Huma Qureshi says stories from the country increasingly making a mark on international turf

  Set to head to the Cannes Film Festival next month, Huma Qureshi's outing at the French riviera will be her second. "My first visit was in 2012, when Gangs Of Wasseypur (2012) was being screened. It was special because my debut film was being aired at such a prestigious festival. Ever since, I have been wanting to go back. I am glad to head there again."

The Indian film industry, she says, has been garnering the attention of producers and directors from foreign shores and Qureshi feels the kind of content being produced on home turf is to be credited. "Movies like The Lunchbox (2013) have upped the quality of films being produced here. In the years that follow, we can hope that more Indian films will create a noise at global events. A rich bank of stories are coming out of the subcontinent, and the world is waiting to see them."

Ahead of her debut outing at the festival in 2012, Qureshi had confessed she was eager to see how Bollywood's female actors established their sartorial choices at the coveted event. And while she's eager to up her fashion game this time, the festival has now taken on a more meaningful tone for her. "The Cannes is among the most watched fashion platforms. Everyone is curious about the fashion scene. But, the festival never allows the focus on style to overshadow that given to films.

The attention around movies remains pure and honest. Cannes is fashion meets films at its best. The market allows artistes to interact with producers. Fashion adds to the glamour, but never takes away from the serious work that goes on at the festival."



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