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Top five longest flights routes in the world

  Flying from Australia to London in 1935 took 12 1/2 days. Passing a major aviation milestone on Saturday, Qantas will cover the 9,009 miles in 17 hours.

The flight using Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, is three hours shorter than those that stop to refuel. Let's take a look at the current world's longest flights.

While Qantas' record non-stop passenger flight from the UK will take off on Sunday, it still trails behind Qatar Airways' Auckland-Doha flight. Qatar Airways holds the record for world's longest commercial flight. The 14,535 kilometres (9,032 miles) Doha-Auckland service on the long-range Boeing 777-200LR crosses 10 time zones.

While Auckland-Doha is the world’s longest passenger flight measured by the great circle distance, the Delhi-San Francisco route, over the Pacific Ocean to take advantage of tailwinds, has earned Air India the record of operating the world's longest nonstop flight in October 2016. The route is served with Boeing 777-200LR.



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