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Forget marriage anniversaries. Celebrate these 10 relationship milestones instead
Sure, your wedding was a pretty important day in your life. But these other, smaller occasions also deserve to be celebrated.

  Every relationship has its cute moments. And sometimes, in the monotony of daily life, we often forget to stop and cherish the smaller acts of love and kindness that define your equation. And not every celebration needs to be an over-the-top, grand gesture. Here’s to treasuring every little milestone:
1) Do you remember when you first realised you were in love? When you finally understood why your heart raced when you were around a certain someone? That’s a day you need to commemorate! Try to recapture that feeling with your partner by your side.
2) The first time you say ‘I love you’ to your partner is important. It signifies the beginning of something beautiful! Mark this day with your significant other in your own special way. A quiet dinner, a trip to an amusement park, or a long walk – whatever works for you!
3) The first time you two shared a kiss. The memory brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? Shared intimacy certainly deserves to be celebrated.
4) Every couple has gone out on a movie date at some point. The first such date is usually full of awkward moments where you may not know whether it’s okay to hold hands, or put your arm around the other person. But that’s what makes looking back at it so sweet! So, go ahead and recreate it by watching the same movie at home.
5) When you introduce your partner to your parents, it means you’re pretty serious about the relationship. Whether it was at a family dinner or a private occasion that you invited your partner to, it shows how much you had matured together. You could throw a small, cozy house party with your partner and relatives to celebrate your love.
6) It may feel natural now to hang out with your spouse and your squad together, but it wasn’t always so. Your friends are an important part of your life and asking your partner to join the inner circle is a special occasion. Get the gang in one place and mark this definite milestone!
7) The first trip you take with your special person is memorable for a multitude of reasons. It leaves you with a lifetime of moments you can always look back to! Take off on a second honeymoon or a small weekend getaway and have fun!
8) In the initial phase of any relationship, both the people put their best foot forward. But when you finally relax around your partner and completely are yourself, that’s an important milestone. Celebrate the time you stopped bothering to pile on make-up before meeting your partner, or double-checking whether you smell great.
9) Trust is the foundation of a stable relationship. When you decide you can share your phone, email or social media passwords with your partner without any hesitation, it means you two have come a long way. So, the first time you gave out your password is a milestone that deserves to be valued.
10) Not all milestones need to be lovey-dovey. Proudly celebrate your first fight because it means you also made up and didn’t leave each other at the first sign of trouble. You survived choppy waters. That’s something to hold on to, isn’t it?



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