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Why did you kill Sridevi and leave me here ?
Sridevi’s die-hard fan, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, is distraught at her death. He has penned down a letter expressing her shock.

  (News Agencies) The sudden demise of Sridevi has left the country shocked, and filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma -- her die-hard fan -- is inconsolable. Varma expressed his shock and anger by posting a lengthy emotional note on Twitter. Sridevi, who was in Dubai for a family function, reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest on Saturday night. She was 54.
He posted: "I so hope I am still having a bad dream, but I know I am not. I hate Sridevi. I hate her for making me realise that she too is finally only just a human being. I hate that her heart too has to beat to live.” The filmmaker earlier thought it was a nightmare or a hoax. "I thought that either it's a nightmare or a hoax and I went back to sleep. An hour later I woke up to check and there were around 50 messages informing me of the same," he added.
I have a habit of constantly dreaming and waking up every once in a while in the night to check out my cell phone and I suddenly saw a message that Sridevi is no more ..I thought that either it’s a nightmare or a hoax and I went back to sleep ..An hour later I woke up to check and there were around 50 messages informing me of the same.
Back in the times when I was in engineering college in Vijayawada, I happened to see her first telugu film “padaharella vayasu”.. I was awestruck with her Beauty and I walked out of the theatre in a daze thinking that she cannot be a real person and she has to be some fantasy form who somehow has taken a human shape. Then I saw her various other films, all of which constantly created a higher bench mark of both her talent and her beauty ..To me she looked like some being who has come from some other world in the outer space as a favour to bless us for a little while for all the good we might have done in this world.
She was like a creation of God which he does whenever he is in a very special mood as a very very special gift to mankind. My journey to Sridevi started when I was preparing for my debut film ‘Shiva’. I used to walk from Nagarjuna’s office in Chennai to a neighbouring street where Sridevi used to live and I used to just stand and watch Sridevi’s house from outside her gate. I just couldn’t believe that the goddess of beauty lives in that stupid looking house. I say stupid because I believed that no man made house deserved to house that beauty called SRIDEVI. I used to so desperately hope to catch a glimpse of her as she went in or out of her house. But sadly no such thing ever happened. And then after ‘Shiva’ released and became a big hit,a producer came to me and asked if I was interested in doing a film with Sridevi. I said “Are you mad or what? I will die to just see her, let alone make a film with her!”He arranged a meeting with her and took me to meet her at that very same house where I used to stand outside the gate and stare. At night we went and as luck would have it there was a power cut in her house. so I was sitting in her living room in candle light along with the producer waiting for the angel to appear and my heart was thumping like mad.



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