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  We are living in a civilized community of nations, where a certain definite international protocol is observed. Whenever a foreign prime minister visits India, some high ranking union minister of the rank of home minister, foreign minister, finance minister or defense minister goes to the airport to receive him/her. There are incidents in recent history, when the prime minister himself has gone to the airport himself to receive the foreign prime minister. But in the case of the Canadian prime minister, a junior level official was sent to greet Justin Trudeau.
Officially the government has not explained the reasons of this snub, but there is an impression in diplomatic circles that this was done to convey to the Government of Canada to get tough with the Khalistani elements within Canada. Well Canada is not the only country, where the activities of the so-called Khalistanis are ignored. The same happens in neighboring USA and the Western European nations like Germany, Italy, France and the U.K. It appears that India depends far too much on the research and knowhow of those countries and their trade and industry.
Compared to Canada, the economies of these countries are much bigger. By snubbing these countries, India can hurt itself in the foot.
Harjap Singh Aujla



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