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Time for a spa-ctacular you
These days, spas go beyond being just beauty-oriented to offer holistic therapies.

  (News Agencies) A visit to a spa can be for different reasons — preparation for a special occasion or a family function, a break from that corporate rut, a way to get over heartbreak, or just a simple reminder to love oneself. It is one of the most pleasant ways to be relieved of pain from certain areas of the body, and for getting mental refreshment. We round up six spa treatments that have the potential to spruce you up this season.
The spa at Vagator offers several treatments spanning a wide range of time. From half an hour treatments to packages of up to four days, one can choose as per their need. The expert suggested The Art Of Touch, a 90-minute scalp-to-toe therapy, and Youthful Lift a 60-minute therapy focussing on the face, neck and shoulders.
The Art Of Touch
Using a range of products depending on the type of skin, the masseuse works at relaxing the muscles with a combination of various techniques. The therapist works the knots and tension in the muscle, and in certain delicate regions such as face, massages them gently only to relax the tissues.
Post the treatment, the body felt lighter yet energised. The masseuse with her expert manoeuvring had pretty much eased out all the stiffness in the body. The blood circulation had palpably improved, and there was a feeling of refreshment as if the body was given an internal shower. The treatment is concluded with hot towel compressions. For those with open pore problems, this step should be avoided because it seemed to aggravate the pores. In all, for the total rejuvenation this therapy gave, it was surprisingly light and didn’t make one tired as compared to other whole body treatments.
Youthful Lift
During the procedure, multiple rounds of massages, mostly with light and easy strokes, are given to the face. The first round uses a scrub that deeply exfoliates the skin. Post this, there are a few rounds of massages with different products, which mainly amount to pampering the skin after the thorough scrub. The treatment is concluded by applying a face pack and hot compress.
The therapist advised not to wash our face with any product until the next day, so that the products can penetrate well.
The USP of this treatment is that the results — reduction of fine lines and improvement in skin texture — are visible almost immediately. When enquired about the reason behind it, the spa manager explained that it is because of the properties of their base oil, which is hazelnut oil. It is light, and quickly absorbed into the skin , lending to it an instant glow.
The spa, situated in Goregaon, offers natural therapies integrated with their modern spa concepts for a well-rounded wellness experience. From their signature massage treatments to holistic packages, one can customise treatments from an array of massages, scrubs, wraps and facials.
Foot Reflexology
After a soothing warm towel for the feet, which also increased the blood circulation, warm oil was applied in slow strokes by the therapist. The trained professional then began applying pressure on trigger points on feet, and the rhythmic motions proved to be relaxing. The pressure was applied to the feet using thumb, fingers and hand techniques, and it varied from hard to soft, and then hard again. It was done on reflex points from one end of the feet to the other. The massage of the fleshy ball of the foot and pulling of the toes was quite intense. The 30-minute massage treatment not only provides relief from stress and pain, but also increases blood circulation.
Quick Stress Reliever
In this traditional Ayurvedic potli (poultice) massage, the spa attendant asks you to choose one stone from hope, love and gratitude. The emotion associated with the stone is something they ask you to concentrate on, as they start massaging your back and neck. The masseuse uses broad, firm strokes to massage the back, and alternates between using potlis — heated herbal pouches filled with oil — and hands. She uses them in different patterns to soothe the tension and take away the stress. The therapy ends with a 10-minute steam session to ensure that the goodness of the oil seeps into the body. True to its name, this express massage treatment lasting 30 minutes is apt for those who want to get quick relief from tension and knots, from the back and neck area.
The spa at the Santacruz property focusses on holistic healing — it does not offer any kind of face treatments and only specialises in body massages, body wraps and Ayurvedic massages that stimulate blood flow and promise to soothe tense muscles. Our therapist suggested a 45-minute head massage and another 60-minute head-to-toe relaxing massage.
The session starts with a dry head massage in which the shoulders and neck are massaged firmly with varying strokes. Then, the masseuse starts dabbing warm, Ayurvedic oil, beginning from the forehead. A lot of oil is used in this process, so inform the masseuse if you prefer lesser oil to be used. The oil is left to seep into your scalp for about ten minutes, after which the masseuse uses different strokes to soothe the scalp.



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