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Trump APOLOGISES for Britain First retweet
US president tells Piers Morgan ‘it was done because I’m a big believer in fighting radical Islamic terror’ - and insists he’s ‘the least racist person that anybody’s going to meet’

  Donald Trump has apologised for retweeting videos posted online by Britain First and said he did it because he is a ‘big believer in fighting radical Islamic terror’.
The 71-year-old was speaking to Piers Morgan in Davos, Switzerland, and eventually said he would apologise if the far-right group is seen as being ‘horrible and racist’.
It comes after Trump landed himself in hot water after he retweeted three clips which purportedly showed ‘anti-Muslim’ material.
They were initially posted by British nationalist Jayda Fransen, who has been convicted of hate crimes, and Theresa May publicly condemned the US President.He was asked about the controversial retweets during the interview, which was aired on Good Morning Britain, and said he did not know who Britain First were when the messages were posted last November.
Trump said that he retweeted the videos because he is a ‘big believer in fighting Islamic terror’ and also said he is the ‘least racist person that anybody’s going to meet’.
The President, who also met Mrs May at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday, said: ‘I know nothing about them and I know nothing about them today. Other than I read a little bit. ‘I guess, again I’m in the United States, so I didn’t read as much about it, perhaps it was a big story in Britain, perhaps it was a bit story in the UK.
‘But in the United States it wasn’t a big story. I did a retweet. When you do your own tweeting, or you do your own social media, it’s fine. ‘When you do those retweets it can cause problems, because you never know who’s doing it to start off with.
‘I don’t know who they are, I know nothing about them, so I wouldn’t be doing that. I am, as I say often, the least racist person that anybody’s going to meet.
‘Certainly I wasn’t endorsing anybody. I knew nothing about them. They had I guess a couple of depictions of radical Islamic terror.
‘Radical Islamic terror, whether you like talking about it or not Piers, it’s a fact.
‘You look at what’s going on in UK and you look at what’s going on all over the world, you can try and shield it.’
Given the amount of offence, Trump was asked if he regrets the retweets.
He added: ‘Look, it was done because I am a big believer in fighting radical Islamic terror. This was a depiction of radical Islamic terror.
‘Here’s what’s fair, if you’re telling me they’re horrible people, horrible racist people I would certainly apologise if you would like me to do that.
‘I know nothing about them. I don’t want to be involved with [these] people, but you’re telling me about these people because I know nothing about these people.’ Before the interview, the old friends were filmed joking together and Morgan shouted: ‘Mr President!’
Trump replied: ‘Man, I’ve missed you. Nice to see you, you doing well?’
When asked if he had been ‘busy’, Trump responded: ‘A little busy but that’s okay, it’s good to be with you.’
And when they finally sat down to discuss his first year in office, Trump also revealed he has a ‘very good’ relationship with Mrs May and added that the US ‘will come to Britain’s defence is anything should happen’.
He added: ‘I can tell you I have a very good relationship with your Prime Minister who I just left.
‘She’s been doing a very good job. We actually have a very good relationship, although a lot of people think we don’t.
‘I support her, I support a lot of what she does and a lot of what she says and I support you militarily very much.



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