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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s first India visit aims to deepen trade ties

  The three bronze statues at Teen Murti represent the Hyderabad, Jodhpur and Mysore Lancers who were part of the 15 Imperial Service Cavalry Brigade that liberated the Israeli city of Haifa on September 23, 1918 during World War 1.
The renaming underscored the special link and the common history between Israel and India, Netanyahu said after the event, according to Israeli officials.
Israel is one of India’s biggest weapons suppliers, exporting an average of $1 billion of military equipment each year.
But days before Netanyahu’s arrival, India called off a deal to buy 8,000 anti-tank guided missiles from Israel’s state-owned defence contractor Rafael.
In December, New Delhi had voted in favour of a UN resolution denouncing US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
“The relationship is an all-weather relationship... so strong and so important to both countries that our feeling is that nothing can reverse it,” Israeli ambassador to India Daniel Carmon had said on Friday on being asked about the vote.External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj called on Netanyahu in the evening while Modi hosted him for a private dinner.



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