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5 lessons to learn from celebrity closet designs

  If you fall for those exquisite and lavish walk-in closets owned by celebrities every time and want to replicate the experience inside your home, you are on the right window! Though these luxurious wardrobes are beyond expensive, there are few simple tricks that can make your closet look like one too. If you have an extra room or a small study room, you can transform it into an enviable closet.

Colour coordinate your outfits and see the difference! With many outfits belonging to the similar colour group, it becomes an effort to find the right dress in the colour you have opted to wear. A colour coordinated closet looks organised and it becomes easy to decide the look of the day too.

A faux fur rug, crystal chandelier or a chic studio lamp can make your boudoir look gorgeous. Install a refurbished sofa chair to add a little comfort while you spend your precious time in the tiny room. The inclusion of inspirational images, wall arts and thriving plants would add a touch of your personality to the room.



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